[section_dd][column_dd span=’12’][text_dd]STEPS TO BUY 

                  • Schedule a site visit with a Sales and Marketing Executive (optional)


                  • Complete a customer application form (obtainable online or any of our sales offices)


                  • Select house type or preference, mode of financing and indicating any additional requirements if any.


                  • Submit completed forms to GHS Housing (online or at any of our sales offices)


                  • Receive or request an offer letter from a GHS Housing Sales and Marketing Executive, indicating general terms and conditions of sale as well as price.


                  • Sign offer letter and make payment(s)



                  • Handing over of property is done after all payments have been made.



A property from GHS Housing is financed through two options: Self- Financing and Home Mortgage Facility


This is a stage payment plan. The client pays in tranches as the development progresses. We provide the following plan as follows:

                  • 40% of the cost price as initial deposit upon execution of the project


                  • 40% further payment at roof level


                  • Final 20% payment on completion of project and prior to handing over


Mortgage Financing

We would facilitate a home mortgage loan from Ghana Home Loans, HFC Bank, Stanbic Bank and any other home financing institution.

                  • Produce facility letter from financier(s) (upon meeting the requirements of Mortgage Company)


                  • Payment of minimum deposit as indicated by mortgage financier


                  • Final disbursement by mortgage financier upon completion and prior to handing over


* Kindly submit completed forms to sales@ghslimited.net[/text_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd]