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GHS HOUSING LIMITED has rolled out a two-month promotion aimed at providing the best option for anyone interested in acquiring a home. The promo will run from 1st April – May 31st, 2019.

The current performance Ghana Cedi against the US Dollar has been a major deterrent to individuals looking to purchase a home whether for accommodation or investment purposes. With our mission “To develop elegant housing at the right price” it was only right to serve everyone with not just the only but also the best option to get everyone closer to the dream of owning a HOME.

Details of this promo include:

For the 2 months time span our properties will be priced in Ghana Cedis instead of the USD.

We are offering an interest-free payment plan for a period of 6 months.

Get up to a whopping GHC 27,500.00 OFF all our properties.

Download Cedi Promo Brochure from here

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GHS Housing Limited in Partnership with GHL Bank Presents THE SAVE-TO-OWN PROMO

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♦  Self-employed individuals without regular flow of steady income.

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♦ Individuals with other source of income besides their monthly income.

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♦  People who don’t have all the money needed to          make the the required down payment.

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